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Grow people.
Because people grow your company!

At Quru, we understand that the core of any successful business lies in its people. That's why we've developed our services with people at the heart.

Discover how our business consulting experts, talent sourcers, and wellbeing professionals build you strong team's that closely align with your company's purpose and ambitions to unlock your growth potential.

Join us if investing in people-centric growth and change is in sync with your organization's values.

Are your employees ready to bring the heart, soul and future ambitions to life?

Unlock people-centric business growth with our Quru Minds

Use the collective wisdom of our Quru Minds, who break down traditional boundaries and create executable strategies that resonate with your company’s hart, soul an ambitions.

Ready to improve your team’s capabilities and break old habits?

Find out how our expertise can align with your goals

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Find and engage invaluable talent by mindset with Quru Sourcing

Tap into the expertise of our Quru Sourcers, who with humbleness, honesty and an open mind make meaningful connections with talents that reflect your company’s ambitions. They excel at bringing your employer brand and employee value proposition to life to your future talents.

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Secure engaging with your next game-changers with our targeted sourcing

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Cultivate the core of your organization with Quru Health

We believe that a thriving team is the backbone of any successful business.Our Quru Health professionals bring your physical and mental health policies to life within your company, crafting a culture of well-being that resonates with every employee.

Ready to invest in your team’s health and well-being?

Build your high performing workplace with well-being as part of its core

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Client Testimonials

“Quru really helps us engage with scarce talent for years now. They excel at building trust with our highly educated target audience who often have multiple options in the job market.”

"Quru partnered with us and found an immature, decentralized organization with no formal recruiting department. Using an agile team of two senior recruiters and a global recruitment lead, they quickly improved the quality of recruitment. This reduced reliance on external parties, strengthened the employer brand, improved internal recruitment services and laid a foundation for a learning global recruitment community."

"Quru jumped in at the deep end when there was no formal recruitment structure in place. They were proactive, action-oriented and pragmatic, while also paying attention to aligning with our core value: Togetherness. They were able to bring dozens of (inter)national data and tech talents to us."

"Quru provides an entrepreneurial Interim Project Manager HR & Talent Acquisition focused on significantly improving Rituals' global retail operations by efficiently streamlining selection and recruitment processes. The goal: Enable store managers to focus on front-line employees instead of recruitment tasks, improving overall retail performance and employee engagement."

Ready for people-centric growth

Let’s build you a strong team that closely aligns with your company’s purpose and ambitions and unlock your growth potential

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